Malcolm X: Who are you?

Some great questions to ask yourself, if you are someone who has been affected by slavery or colonisation.

Who are you? You don’t know? Don’t tell me “negro” that’s nothing. What were you before the white man named you a negro? And where were you and what did you have? What was yours? What language did you speak then? What was your name? It couldn’t have been Smith or Jones, or Butch or Powell. That wasn’t your name. They don’t have those kind of names where you and I came from. No. What was YOUR name? And why don’t you NOW know what your name was THEN? Where did it go? Where did you lose it? Who took it? And how did he take it? What tongue did you speak? How did the man take your tongue? Where is your history? How did the man wipe out your history? What did the man do to make you as dumb, as you are right now?

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